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Marketing agencies, we’re talking to you — because you know that in today’s marketplace, content marketing is just about the only marketing that matters. The pressure is on to deliver high-quality content that gets results for your clients.

That’s why you’re recommending a content marketing campaign for your clients (if they’re not asking for it already). They want more leads and a brand boost — and the way to do it is through marketing content that’s written well, tailored to their target audience.Content marketing, copywriting and more

Your agency’s problem is simple: your in-house marketing copywriters aren’t cutting it. They’re talented, but overwhelmed as clients are increasing their need for content marketing campaigns. Deadlines are being pushed, quality is falling and it is already hurting the relationship with your client. It might just cost you the account.

It’s not just your own agency writers who are facing challenges. Your content strategists are creative and eager, but may not have the training or the experience to do what the client is asking. They can’t seem to tie in their creative content marketing campaigns in to the client’s overall business plan or sales campaigns — making lead tracking and generation impossible.Get content marketing experts, not imbeciles

Meanwhile, your client’s own in-house marketing person doesn’t seem to know the 4 P’s of marketing or the basics of search engine optimization, much less how to run a modern content marketing campaign with a mix of digital and print assets. They said they would take it on, but they’re doing a bad job — and blaming you, anyway. It can’t go on like this.

Marketing agencies: Let us help you, so you can help your clients

Content marketing experts helping agencies

Our content copywriters and marketing strategists have developed and participated in hundreds of content marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes. Most often, we work as a third-party consultant brought in by marketing agencies.

Any marketing agency that brings us in still owns the client relationship 100 percent. We just want to do the work that helps you get your client real, measurable ROI: marketing leads and a bigger brand.

Our experts can write sponsored articles that appear in major media outlets like Forbes, The Globe & Mail and Fortune. We’ll handle the professional SEO web copywriting for the the client’s online presence. We’ll write the digital ads, the email newsletters, the blog posts — the works! We handle it all, from strategy to on-demand content writing.

If you’re ready to hand off content marketing to the experts, we’re ready to help.

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Startups to Enterprise. Our content marketing experts want to work with you

We also work directly with companies, big and small. Sure, we love working with marketing agencies and letting them handle all of our business development while we do the work we’re passionate about. But from time to time, businesses that aren’t already working with marketing agencies give us a call — and we love to work with them!

Content marketing for startups and enterprise

If you need content strategy and professional copywriting for your company, we’re happy to take on the work, whether it’s a one-time project or for an ongoing retainer where we oversee multiple content marketing campaigns.

Tell us about your company’s strategy and copywriting needs. We’re here to help you build your brand and get a better return on investment from your marketing budget.

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