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Joys of Working from the Office

Posted on | March 25, 2015 | No Comments

Photo Credit: Seattle Municipal Archives

Photo Credit: Seattle Municipal Archives

I’ve been working from an office for nearly two years. That might not seem like a big deal to some (“Two years? Try two decades, bub”). But before that, I worked from home for about four years and I don’t miss that much. I’ll definitely be looking for a desk to rent in a shared office in Vancouver in the next while.

As a content marketing consultant in Vancouver, I could just go back to working from home. For some, it seems pretty ideal. Yeah, for a bit, it is sweet. No time stuck in a commute. The boss will never be looking over your shoulder. Want to raid the granola bar stash in your pantry? Who’s going to stop you?

But I had a great time working from the office this past while. Why? A bunch of reasons. Read more

7 Ways to Help Your Business with Content Marketing

Posted on | March 23, 2015 | No Comments

Photo Credit: André Mouraux

Photo Credit: André Mouraux

Content marketing is the marketing tactic in 2015. How is your company telling your story? There are plenty of ways to reach your target market. Here are 7 pieces of content marketing you can produce to help your business grow — but there are plenty more where they came from.

1. Custom Product Landing Page. Launching a new widget? Give it a dedicated page. Tell the world about the pain it solves and the benefits it brings.

2. Case Study. Your product got results, even beyond what your customer’s wildest dreams. Tell other potential customers how it happened.

3. Press Release. You make a car that runs on water. Your new thermostat helps folks save 80 percent on their electric bills. Your company won an award for being the best at what you do. Tell the world about it.

4. White Paper. You’re a thought leader in the industry — and the research you’ve done shows how you’re the expert.

5. FAQ page. People have questions. You’ve got the answers. Put ‘em up on the web for people to find.

6. Blog Post. Link out to interesting stories in your sector that show off the great things you, your partners and other experts are doing — and maybe get some links back with some good karma.

7. Brochure. PDF, print, or both. It’s a highly visual piece of marketing collateral that they can flip through to remind them to give you a call.

How are you reaching out to your customers with content marketing?

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Content Marketing Strategy. This Is How We Do It

Posted on | December 10, 2014 | No Comments

What's Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Photo Credit: Ken Teegardin

What’s your content marketing strategy for your business in 2015? If you’re like many companies, your strategy might be summed up something like this: “We’re going to publish a whole shwack of blog posts every month and hopefully that gets us somewhere”. Which is to say, you’ve got no content marketing strategy at all.

We’ve got to the point where most companies of any size recognize they need web content. They want to build their brand and drive inbound leads through their keywords. That’s easy enough. Farm out 2, 4, or 8 blog posts a month to your friendly neighbourhood SEO website copywriter, tell them to go Google some cool topics and BAM — you’re rolling in new customers.

Nope. That doesn’t happen.

Companies that have spent serious moolah on content but are still lagging in search rankings and having trouble connecting all of that content to even one measly lead are asking themselves what it was all for. They have content — now, where’s the reward?

You were doing it wrong. Read more

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