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Content Marketing Strategy. This Is How We Do It

Posted on | December 10, 2014 | No Comments

What's Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Photo Credit: Ken Teegardin

What’s your content marketing strategy for your business in 2015? If you’re like many companies, your strategy might be summed up something like this: “We’re going to publish a whole shwack of blog posts every month and hopefully that gets us somewhere”. Which is to say, you’ve got no content marketing strategy at all.

We’ve got to the point where most companies of any size recognize they need web content. They want to build their brand and drive inbound leads through their keywords. That’s easy enough. Farm out 2, 4, or 8 blog posts a month to your friendly neighbourhood SEO website copywriter, tell them to go Google some cool topics and BAM — you’re rolling in new customers.

Nope. That doesn’t happen.

Companies that have spent serious moolah on content but are still lagging in search rankings and having trouble connecting all of that content to even one measly lead are asking themselves what it was all for. They have content — now, where’s the reward?

You were doing it wrong. Read more

Mad Men versus Social Media Mavens

Posted on | November 28, 2014 | No Comments

Who are the heroes of the copywriting world? Why does so much of today’s advertising seem to blend together into one big uninspiring miasma of underwhelmingness? Do today’s copywriters even call themselves copywriters anymore? These and other questions are poked at (if not actually answered definitively) in the short documentary, Mad Men v Mavens. Worth checking out.

The documentary is effectively a conversation between old-school copywriters and the subject of their disdain, copywriters of the modern social media-dominated world. Given the stars of the show (and the intended audience) I was a bit surprised at how much the film seemed to build off old cliches: “It’s not as good as it was in the old days”, say the copywriters who earned their titles back when two weeks to craft a single ad was the norm, to the copywriting professionals of today who have two hours, if they’re lucky.  Read more

Tech on Tap November with Vancity Buzz

Posted on | November 25, 2014 | No Comments

Tech on Tap event in VancouverThis looks like it’s gonna be good. If you live in Vancouver (or anywhere else around BC’s Lower Mainland) and have turned on your Internet at any point, you’ve probably come across Vancity Buzz, a go-to blog for headline news, fashion tips, entertainment highlights, sports and more. They’ve got more Twitter followers than the Vancouver Sun and the Georgia Straight, with a tech-savvy, engaged audience that advertisers love.

In an age where everyone and his dog has a blog, how did their site achieve greatness? Learn from Vancity Buzz Founder Karm as he tells his story at Tech on Tap — as you enjoy some of the best beers in the land at Postmark Brewing.It’s happening Wednesday, Nov, 26 starting at 6 pm. Register for this Tech on Tap event today! 

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