Who Is Your Ideal Client? Know This for Key Messaging

When I’m working with new web copywriting clients and getting a handle on their business, one of the first questions I ask is “who is your ideal client?” This tends to get a bit more of a refined response than “who is your target market”.

For example, the owner of a Vancouver-based financial planning services business might tell me their target market is any type of small-to-medium sized enterprise that needs any kind of financial consulting. But when I ask them about their “ideal client”, they might say that they really prefer working with tech start-ups that need to manage multiple rounds of angel and VC funding going forward. Ideally, their client would also have a contact person on their management team who already had a healthy understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a financial consultant, some key management processes in place and a capacity to really listen and act on the consultant’s recommendations.

This kind of information makes a huge difference when it comes to developing the key messaging on their website and in their marketing campaigns. When you really know who you’re going after, you can refine your keywords and content better to get better results.

Of course, website copywriters have their own ideal clients. What do mine look like?

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