What Your SEO Website Copywriter Can’t Do For You

Help Your SEO web copywriter help you

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There are plenty of things a professional SEO website copywriter can do for any business: write engaging landing pages with compelling calls to action that grab visitors’ attention; ensure your target keyword phrases are included where they need to be, so you’re getting targeted traffic from actual customers and decision-makers; keep your blog updated to that your website stays on top of the search results — and a bunch of related things, to boot. That’s serious marketing value.

That said, a copywriter isn’t a magician, or even a creative fiction writer (OK, they might be on the side — but that’s not what companies pay them to do). A copywriter can’t just make up stuff out of whole cloth. They have to do their research; in fact, the research phase is where they’re likely to spend most of their time, reading articles, interviewing folks and probably checking your proprietary documentation so that they can write knowledgeably about your business.

Copywriters can be diabolically creative people — but you’ve got to give them something to work with. To paraphrase Dr. Evil of the Austin Powers film franchise, “Throw me a frickin’ bone here! Need the info.”

When a middle manager or top executive says “I just don’t have time to go over this thing with you — can’t you just make up something?” — it’s soul-crushing for a copywriter. It shows contempt for what they’re trying to achieve, sabotaging their efforts right ¬†from the get-go.

The employee who says this clearly has no clue about how marketing helps build brand and sell stuff, which pays their salary. You get the sense that they put the copywriter (who’s probably been hired by the owner or VP of the firm) in the same category as a telemarketer, who can (and should) be ignored or put off indefinitely — so that they can focus on their task at hand.

The person who brings in a copywriter to help on the marketing side needs to explain to their team that they have to make reasonable efforts to accommodate the copywriter’s objectives (typically, no more than a 20-minute interview once a month and usually less than that. Essentially, coffee-break time).

When the copywriter understands the business, they can work miracles. Help them help you.

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