Joys of Working from the Office

Photo Credit: Seattle Municipal Archives

Photo Credit: Seattle Municipal Archives

I’ve been working from an office for nearly two years. That might not seem like a big deal to some (“Two years? Try two decades, bub”). But before that, I worked from home for about four years and I don’t miss that much. I’ll definitely be looking for a desk to rent in a shared office in Vancouver in the next while.

As a content marketing consultant in Vancouver, I could just go back to working from home. For some, it seems pretty ideal. Yeah, for a bit, it is sweet. No time stuck in a commute. The boss will never be looking over your shoulder. Want to raid the granola bar stash in your pantry? Who’s going to stop you?

But I had a great time working from the office this past while. Why? A bunch of reasons.

1. Socialization. Working from home, you still get on the phone with clients or meet them for coffee, but it’s not quite the same thing. I wasn’t ‘socialized’ anymore. It was important for me to work in a place where I could be part of a team. I also went out to way more industry and networking events after work just because I knew about more of them.

2. Better Energy. Being alone is a bit of a drag, even for an introvert — and I’m not convinced that’s what I am. Other people bring life to a scene.

3. Innovation. I could bounce ideas off my office mates instantly — and they were always nice about putting up with my distracting antics.

4. Health. It was my daily exercise, a 20-minute walk both ways from my place. I also was jazzed to have the same standing desk at work as I have at home.

5. Business. I was lucky to work alongside folks who were experts in the other aspects of marketing that go beyond content: social media, web design, digital analytics, videography and more. Even though it was a bunch of different businesses, we ended functioning semi-regularly like an organic agency. It definitely helped to win new business.

6. Structure. I had a reason to be somewhere at (or soon after) 9 am — and since I’m a bit competitive, I had to at least attempt to be productive around my¬†office mates. My time management and organization skills are vastly improved from the last year I worked from home.

I’ll miss the old office, but I’m eager to see where I end up next. Thanks to Derek, Ashleigh, Ben, Sabrina and everyone else for making me feel welcome. If anyone is looking to rent out a desk in downtown Vancouver this spring, sent me a note!

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