Blogging with the Devil at the Northern Voice Conference in Vancouver

Hire a blogger to write for your company.

Photo Credit: opensourceway

This week, I present “Blogging with the Devil” at Vancouver’s coolest blogging and digital storytelling event, Northern Voice. It will be a fun opportunity to teach and also learn from my fellow social media wonks (or prospective wonks).

Aside from full-on corporate website copywriting gigs, blogging for companies is a big part of what I do every week. For my ghost-blogging clients, I offer a few different kinds of value. First, I’m a time-saver. Most of my business clients just don’t have the time to maintain their company websites. How do you keep them stocked with interesting “industry expert” articles, or the various promotions dovetailing with broader marketing campaigns? What topic is the audience looking for? “You write this,” they tell me, handing over their blog login details with relief. They want to do their business, not write about it. Continue reading