Mad Men versus Social Media Mavens

Who are the heroes of the copywriting world? Why does so much of today’s advertising seem to blend together into one big uninspiring miasma of underwhelmingness? Do today’s copywriters even call themselves copywriters anymore? These and other questions are poked at (if not actually answered definitively) in the short documentary, Mad Men v Mavens. Worth checking out.

The documentary is effectively a conversation between old-school copywriters and the subject of their disdain, copywriters of the modern social media-dominated world. Given the stars of the show (and the intended audience) I was a bit surprised at how much the film seemed to build off old cliches: “It’s not as good as it was in the old days”, say the copywriters who earned their titles back when two weeks to craft a single ad was the norm, to the copywriting professionals of today who have two hours, if they’re lucky.  Continue reading