The Wrong Way To Do Twitter

The Canadian government delivers a fabulous case study in how not to use Twitter. Via the CBC:

Most 140-character tweets issued by the department are planned weeks in advance; edited by dozens of public servants; reviewed and revised by the minister’s staff; and sanitized through a 12-step protocol, the documents indicate.

Public servants vet draft tweets for hashtags, syntax, policy compliance, retweeting, French translation and other factors. Policy generally precludes tweeting on weekends, and the minister’s personal Twitter handle must be kept out of departmental tweets, though his name and title are often included.

The resulting tweets read like stiff public service announcements, such as this October example: “Browse the Mobile Protection Toolbox to learn facts & find .tips to protect yourself. .GetCyberSafe,” with a link to the department’s website.

Which begs the question: what’s the point of it all? Continue reading