Business (plus Content and Social Media) Lessons from Chris Breikss

Chris Breikss introing the Nights SpeakersThis week I attended 6S Marketing President Chris Breikss‘ excellent talk on “10 Things I Learned the Hard Way About Running a Business“, over at the old Hootsuite studios (back when they were a nimble startup) near Gastown in Vancouver. While I was there alongside my pal and marketing strategy expert Frank from Crush Marketing (alas, my buddy Derek from Global Bend who gave me the heads-up about the event couldn’t get out of a client meeting — next time!), I met a lot of great Vancouver-area entrepreneurs, marketing wonks and others. The atmosphere was welcoming, with wine, beer, good conversation and most importantly, a dynamite presentation by the featured speaker on lessons learned from running a successful business in social media and digital marketing. Good times! (And yes, I will actually be outlining some of the best lessons below — patience!). Continue reading