The Opportunity Cost of Not Hiring a Web Copywriter

Burning Money Isolated on White

Photo Credit: Images of Money (Creative Commons)

A lot of new clients calling up lately are giving me the same sob story:

“We tried writing this website content ourselves and this thing has been through fifteen drafts over the last year. Now we just want to get this thing done. Can you do it for us?”

My answer: “Yes. Absolutely. That’s what I do all day long. You’re in good hands. Now, tell me about your business…”

What I’m thinking while I’m giving that answer: “Seriously? It took you a year? How many lost sales does that mean? How much potential revenue went down the drain in a year?”

Does that make me seem mean? Maybe. But I get depressed when potential clients come to me to help them get out of holes that they didn’t have to be stuck in. They could have been making money this year. Sheesh.

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