Why Your SEO Web Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

Web Marketing Strategy Tip. Keywords Count

Photo Credit: Erika Thorsen

Usually, it’s because there was never much of an SEO web marketing strategy to begin with. If you’ve got problems with your inbound marketing, it’s probably because you haven’t covered the basics.

It’s All About the Keywords, Baby.

I recently had a prospective client call me up, tell me he wanted SEO for his website but wanted me to just sort of guess at the keywords his business needed because he didn’t want to deal with analytics (and didn’t want to pay me or anyone else to do that work). Suffice to say, if you don’t choose your keywords carefully, your SEO effort is wasted because you can’t target anything.

Want to get more people finding your business? Describe it the way they would describe it, with targeted keyword phrases. An SEO web marketing strategy is dead in the water without it.

Anyway, the call just didn’t go well…

Guy On the Phone: “So, just, like, put in words like ‘business’ and ‘sales’ and maybe a color or something. You know, stuff that my business is about — but don’t spend any time on it because I don’t have any budget for that.”

Me: “Look, that’s not how SEO works. We really need…”

Guy On the Phone: “I’m not paying to figure out the keywords. We can wing it.”

Me: “And you don’t want to do the research yourself.”

Guy On the Phone: “Bingo. Glad we understand each other.”

Me: “Yeaaaaaahhh…”

It didn’t end well. And it never will end well with that kind of an outlook. Search Engine Optimization requires that you’re actually optimized for something. Thankfully, more and more decision makers at companies understand this. It’s making for far better conversations and better SEO results.