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Get content marketing services including strategy, professional SEO copywriting, blog posts by the batch, press releases and more to achieve your marketing and PR goals. Hire us on a freelance project basis or on monthly retainer — we’re flexible that way!

We’re a Vancouver content marketing firm that helps companies across North America to build brand, tell their story and drive marketing ROI.

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What professional copywriting services do you offer, specifically?

So glad you asked. Here’s the quick list of individual content marketing components:

Content marketing strategy is typically tied to one or more of those pieces, when we’re working on longer term marketing endeavors with clients. (See our retainer options below).

“OK, I know we need this. What’s content marketing going to cost me?”

Please don’t click away from our website if we say, “it depends.” Still here? Great.

Project-Based Pricing is available for companies that don’t quite need a full-service solution. Different companies have different needs. Some need content strategy so they can launch (or relaunch) a business website. Some clients who call us for the first time need a whole bucket of blog posts for an upcoming marketing campaign. Others need case studies to showcase their successes and win new clients. Some of our clients need help with press releases and reaching out to editors.

Most small, one-off projects start at $1000 and go up from there, to a ceiling of $10 million dollars (we haven’t hit that ceiling yet, but if you’d like to be that magical client, please do get in touch).

“I need ongoing content marketing services. Do you work on retainer?”

Yes! Check out our Content Marketing Services Packages, with customized pricing for any size of business!

Startup Content Planning & Writing $2,500/month
Content Strategy and content development    

Business Marketing Package $5,000/month
Content Strategy, content development and reporting

Enterprise Marketing Package $8,000/month
Content Strategy, content development, reporting and PR

“Tell me again how content marketing is going to help my business?”

Content marketing is about engaging your customers in a meaningful way. We do it through earned and sponsored content that speaks to your target audience.

Our content marketing experts in Vancouver have helped agencies and direct-service customers across North America, from startups to some of the biggest companies around. We’ve been doing this for clients since before the arrival of the mobile web, so we know what gets results.

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