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You need a content strategy to effectively promote your business.

For far too many companies, content strategy is an afterthought. It happens months after the relaunch of a website. Blog posts and landing pages are added haphazardly.

The owner or marketing manager realizes something is amiss. Their content isn’t tied to campaigns. They have no milestones to measure success. There’s no way to improve the quality and reach of the content they’re developing.

Perhaps you’re looking at re-branding your company with new key messaging. Meanwhile, the content on your website, printed marketing materials and social networking tools needs to be used more effectively.

Maybe you’re starting your business completely from scratch. Perhaps you need a detailed communications plan to brand your organization. You’ve got the right intention. But without an ability to execute, your content strategy just isn’t going to get done.

Content strategy guides all of your content marketing efforts

Content strategy is the first step in content marketing

We develop your content strategy. All of the content you’re developing is tied to specific goals and ways of measuring success. This is a research-driven process. It delivers a working content strategy guide. Whether you’re outsourcing content writing or doing it in-house, this is essential.

A content strategy service includes:

  • strategic briefings with your stakeholders. These help us understand your business brand, target market and business objectives.
  • guidelines for optimizing current and future content and branding.
  • an action plan to immediately implement website content changes and develop newsletters, marketing materials, a blog and other elements. These can help communicate and promote your business brand.

Launching (or relaunching) a website, blog or other marketing efforts? You need to define company goals. You’ve got to develop a process that can work for the long term, you need a content strategy.

Is your company website, blog and other materials are being produced according to the random urgent priorities of the week? Then this is a must-have service.

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