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Press release writing is an art and a science. It takes a certain kind of copywriter who is experienced in dealing with the media.┬áTo get┬ánoticed by mainstream media reporters, you’ve got to have much more than just a good headline (though that certainly helps).

Fortunately for you, we have that experience. We’ve worked with media (and in media) for decades. We’ve got the skills and experience to help your news reach the masses.

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Press release writing for companies that don’t need a full-time PR company

Many companies want press, but they don’t want to hire a PR company at $6,000 to $15,000 per month. What if they just want to put out one or two press releases a month, or a few in a single business quarter?

Beyond the question of how much news your company needs, how can you best pitch this story to an editor? How can you tweak the narrative so it appeals to your target audience?

What do you write in that all-important headline tucked into the email subject line? How do you get the gist of the story across in those first few lines? If you want to cram it all into a single page (and you do), what do you leave out? What is essential information that answers a reader’s questions? What is just redundant and objectionable corporate sloganeering?

As professional press release writers, we answer these questions for you. We do the research to understand your company’s goals with each news release. We tailor the story to your audience and if needed, to particular editors. Our professional and experienced writers maximize your chances of getting media exposure.

We can also provide strategic advice on how to distribute and syndicate your press releases for maximum effect.

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