Tech on Tap November with Vancity Buzz

Tech on Tap event in VancouverThis looks like it’s gonna be good. If you live in Vancouver (or anywhere else around BC’s Lower Mainland) and have turned on your Internet at any point, you’ve probably come across Vancity Buzz, a go-to blog for headline news, fashion tips, entertainment highlights, sports and more. They’ve got more Twitter followers than the Vancouver Sun and the Georgia Straight, with a tech-savvy, engaged audience that advertisers love.

In an age where everyone and his dog has a blog, how did their site achieve greatness? Learn from Vancity Buzz Founder Karm as he tells his story at Tech on Tap — as you enjoy some of the best beers in the land at Postmark Brewing.It’s happening Wednesday, Nov, 26 starting at 6 pm. Register for this Tech on Tap event today!