That Website Isn’t Going To SEO-Optimize Itself

It’s been a busy September and I’m getting a lot more calls in from businesses looking to SEO-optimize their website content. As a website copywriter who likes to get paid, I’m enjoying this surge. But I’m also noticing a bit of a disconnect. Many of these companies are looking to redevelop their site, but they don’t have a plan (or budget, it seems) to maintain that SEO long-term.

There is definitely a lot that businesses can do to make their websites more search-able (or even better, “find-able”?) on Google and other search engines. Once you’ve developed your key phrases that are aimed at your targeted audience, it’s not really rocket science, either. Fix the titles. Write the keyword-laded descriptions. Insert tags where you can. Make sure you’ve got high-quality content people might actually want to read and link to. This definitely helps make your site more SEO-friendly. Continue reading